About Us

Time Bank of Zimbabwe Limited is a commercial bank duly registered in terms of the Zimbabwe Banking Act (Chapter 24:20).
Time Bank of Zimbabwe Limited is also referred to as Time Bank.

Our Vision

Our great vision is to be a profitable bank that impacts positively on society.

(a) In particular, Time Bank’s vision is to establish itself on the market, and thereafter play a significant role in unlocking Zimbabwe’s great economic potential.
(b) We visualise Time Bank making significant contributions to a better economy for all through sound business strategies in harmony with both the local and international communities. This is part of our great vision.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to provide timely banking solutions in changing times to our stakeholders.

Our Values

Our values centre on high professional standards including values of good leadership at all levels, innovation, valuable services and products, teamwork, integrity, accountability, quality work and social responsibility.