Bright Future

(1) The future of Time Bank is bright, because there is market confidence in the Bank, among other things.
(2) A survey that was done showed that a lot of people from different backgrounds welcome the re-opening of Time Bank.
(3) Payment of depositors increased confidence in Time Bank by both local and international investors.
(4) Time Bank is the only bank in Zimbabwe, that paid all its known depositors without the help of the Reserve Bank, former Curator of Time Bank or Deposit Protection Corporation and without shareholders putting in new money or raising new deposits to pay old depositors because the bank had adequate financial resources to pay such depositors, hence it did not deserve to be closed.
(5) Time Bank is now an international bank, and is well positioned to raise money from international markets.
(6) A modern core banking Information Technology (IT) System (Computer System) has been secured to support its digital banking in the near future.
(7) The bank has a commitment to making significant contribution to the economic development of its community.
(8) The relationship between Time Bank and RBZ is now normalised.
(9) Qualified and experienced banking personnel have been recruited.
(10) Time Bank has innovative products and services, which are tailor made to suit its business environment such as the 4th Money facilities.
(11) A strong Research and Development program (R&D).

The darkest hour is before dawn.

Time Bank wishes to thank all those who stood by the Bank during the difficult times. We appreciate your support during the dark hours.

Time Bank has stood the test of times.

Now it is time to move forward.