Products and Services by 1 December 2022

(a) Time Bank will offer the following products and services:

(i) Mortgage Loans.
(ii) Export Financing.
(iii) 4th Money Fund Facilities.
(iv) Payment of compensation to Previous Farm Owners under the Global Compensation Deed.
(v) Payment of compensation to other deserving Zimbabwean groups approved by Authorities.
(vi) Advisory Services.
(b) Time Bank in terms of its business model will not take deposits from the Public until further notice.

Products and Services Coming By 31st December 2023

(1) Investment Banking

(a) Mortgage-Backed securities
(b) 4th Money Fund facilities
(c) Payment of Compensations to Previous Farm Owners (PFOs)
(d) International Debt Factoring
(e) Derivatives
(f) International Financial Agency Services

(2) International Banking

(a) Export financing
(b) Letters of Credit
(c) Telegraphic Transfers
(d) Drafts
(e) Offshore Lines of Credit
(f) Exchange Control Approvals
(g) Export promotion and training

(3) Treasury Department

(a) Call Deposits
(b) Bankers Acceptances
(c) Promissory Notes
(d) Foreign Exchange
(e) Fixed Deposits
(f) Treasury Bills & Bonds
(g) Commercial paper
(vii) Commercial paper

(4) Corporate Banking

(a) Business Loans
(b) Agri-business loans
(c) Lease Finance
(d) Advisory Services
(v) Chicago

(5) Retail Banking

(a) Current & Savings Accounts
(b) Fixed Deposits
(c) Safe Custody Services
(d) Money Transfer
(e) Mortgage Loans

(6) Electronic Banking

(a) Internet Banking
(b) Mobile Banking
(c) Debit Cards
(d) Point Of Sale
(v) Chicago